Northeastern Arborist Supply Wins NJ Shade Tree Federation Award

Northeastern Arborist Supply AwardThe N.J. Shade Tree Federation presented to Vince Dujets of Northeastern Arborist Supply “The William J. Porter Award of Appreciation for outstanding service and contributions to the field of Arboriculture” which was presented in October 2014. Northeastern Arborist Supply, located at 50 Notch Rd West Paterson, NJ 07424 is a wholesale arborist supply company, selling and servicing, the most up to date equipment and arboriculture services in the Northeast. We are proud to work with Vince and his staff!  Congratulations to Northeastern Arborist Supply!  In the picture from Bandit Industries, Inc. is Joe Deriscavage, and Vince Dujets , with his son,  Matt,  & Vince’s wife, Karen.  Northeastern will be hosting an Open House, on May 13, 2015, to Thank their customers and business associates. They have a barbeque with numerous vendors attending and safety demonstrations. Please be sure to check their facebook page for details as the date draws near.